Algorithms: Make Them Work for You

algorithms a writer can use

“First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.” – John Johnson

What is an algorithm and why are we talking about it?

Have you ever had a great idea and you "wished" there was a way to implement it? This happens all the time to business owners and employees. They come up with a sound idea to make their workload a little easier, and yet, they don't know how to implement such a thing or they don't know where to go to get it done. But the idea is fantastic and only if there was a way...

Most of what we want to do to make our jobs easier usually starts first with algorithms. We've all heard of it, and we even use algorithms in our daily lives.  Sometimes, several times a day.

An algorithm is simply a set of rules put in place to achieve an end result. There are algorithms for a lot of different things – things outside of programming. You can think of algorithms like a recipe you might use when cooking. You have a list of items you need, and rules to follow to complete that recipe.

Do you pay an assistant or employees?

Payroll departments use algorithms all the time. Let's say you are in charge of payroll, calculating hours worked to pay employees. You may be tired of manually calculating and writing down data, so you want a program to make life easier (because that’s what writing software is all about, right?). For simplicity’s sake, let’s say you have 10 workers, and you want a program to calculate how much to pay them on a weekly bases before tax. You can write a program (or have one written) to take in hours worked (_HW), Paid per hour (_PPH), and the seven day week.

How do we get a program to calculate all this?

This is where you’ll come up with your own algorithm to complete and get the total payout for that week for each employee. This really simple example is written in Java:

showing algorithm coding

The output will look something like this:

algorithm coding

What else uses algorithms?

There are a lot of different algorithms for different tasks that people have created to make life easier. All in all, you go through life learning new algorithms every day, and you may not even know it! Learned a new math formula at work today? Hey, that's an algorithm. Learned a new recipe from a cookbook? Hey, that's an algorithm too! Algorithms play a significant role in our daily lives.

How can an algorithm help a writer or business owner?

As a software developer, I can tell you a thousand different ways that having programs can help in both the areas of an author and/or business owner. Do you want to monitor certain books to see how they trend? That's an algorithm. Do you want to track your book ranking hour by hour across all platforms? That's an algorithm. Interested in seeing how many new books are published on Amazon daily and then see how many rank and in what category they rank in? Again, algorithm.

Whatever you can envision to make your work life easier, I can create a program that will do just that. Sometimes, the mundane tasks of a job need a simple program that can do the work for you, which in turn will allow you to spend more time writing your next bestseller or talking with your fans across social media.

"If you understand the basics of how algorithms work, then you will understand how they can work FOR YOU." 

At AMR Global Marketing, we believe in taking the work out of work and freeing up your time to do what you love to do without all the static noise of repetitious, mundane jobs that a computer should be doing for you. Take a moment to stop by and send me an email so I can help streamline your time and your work.

Marc Davis

Marc DavisMarc is a computer science major who has been writing code since he was 12 years old. Not only can he automate anything you need, he can build your website, design and code a mobile app for your business and much more. Dedicated to his passion, Marc tackles all his projects with fervor and excitement. Contact Marc here.

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